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PDoc Bio::Align::DNAStatistics
CPAN Bio::Align::DNAStatistics
metaCPAN Bio::Align::DNAStatistics


This module implements the following simple sequence distance calculations.

  • Jukes Cantor [1]
  • Uncorrected
  • Felsenstein 1981 (F81) [2]
  • Kimura 2-parameter [3]
  • Tamura [4]
  • Felsenstein 1981 (F84) [5]
  • Tajima Nei [6]
  • Jin Nei not implemented yet [7]
  • HKY not implmented [8]

Using the module

The module expects to be provided with an alignment of DNA sequences in the form of a Bio::Align::AlignI object, of which, Bio::SimpleAlign is the most commonly used one (you can get it by reading in an alignment from a file with Bio::AlignIO).

It will return a Bio::Matrix::PhylipDist object which can be written out to a PHYLIP matrix format with Bio::Matrix::IO or provided to a Bio::Tree::DistanceFactory to construct a distance-based tree either with the Neighbor-Joining or UPGMA method.


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