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BioPerl Packages

Download the latest stable release from CPAN

Download BioPerl from CPAN

Information on how to use to automatically download BioPerl and various CPAN module dependencies is described in Installing BioPerl.

Download the latest snapshot from GitHub

BioPerl's open source code is managed by the Git version control system, hosted for free by GitHub. This is the source for the very latest, in-development, possibly non-working BioPerl source code. For more about how BioPerl uses git, see Using Git.

BioPerl on GitHub


These are downloadable copies of the latest in-development, bleeding edge source code. In other words, exactly the same as what you would get via Git above, except conveniently packaged as tarballs or zipballs.

Core modules tar.gz zip
Run modules tar.gz zip
DB modules tar.gz zip
Network modules tar.gz zip
C extension modules tar.gz zip


See: Installing BioPerl

Older BioPerl Releases

Older distributions are available from the BioPerl Distribution. For more information about the different versions and the stable versus developer distinction please see a related question in the FAQ.

Which version should I get?

  • If you are just starting with Bioperl, you should download the stable release as it is the most currently maintained release.
  • If you have older scripts and are concerned about API compatibility, you may want install the stable Bioperl.

Bioperl 1.6.1, Stable Release

This represents code from the main development base, released Sep-2009.

Core modules tar.gz zip bz2

Bioperl 1.5.2, Developer Release

This represents a code release from the main development base, released Dec-2006.

Core modules tar.gz zip bz2
Run modules tar.gz zip bz2
DB modules tar.gz zip bz2
Network modules tar.gz zip bz2
C extension modules tar.gz zip bz2 (from Bioperl 1.5.1)

Other ways to get the releases

Mirrors - Daily updates.

Unsupported Packages

These are older packages that are no longer maintained.

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