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Richard Stallman's one true editor - see what Wikipedia has to say about it. Cool Emacs tricks go here.

BioPerl Emacs Template

We have included an Emacs template in the Core package which you can install in your .emacs file. This provides templates for get/set functions and template module and function documentation.

In January 2008, BioPerl repositories moved from CVS to Subversion. Emacs in *NIX comes in two main flavours: XEmacs and Emacs. If you are using Xemacs and want to use SVN like you used CVS, you are out of luck. Apparently the underlying version control Lisp code (vc.el) has diverged so much that the newly developed vc-svn.el module does not work in XEmacs. You better start using emacs (with GTK-bindings you get almost the same menu system as in XEmacs).


bioperl-mode is a minor mode that allows insertion of code templates (including those of Emacs template), and provides access to nicely formatted BioPerl pod on the fly. The Emacs completion facilities are fully leveraged to make pod browsing almost fun. See the page for installation instructions.

Some people prefer vi. You decide which one sucks or rules more.

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