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Elia Stupka has moved around a lot.. briefly:

-he was part of the lovely and crazy Ensembl adventure in its early days from 1999 to 2001, working on the Ensembl core software as well as the annotation of the human genome, at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK. This is when he was really actively developing Bioperl
-in Singapore, first at IMCB working on the wonderfully compact Fugu Genome, then at TLL, on the crazily polymorphic Ciona savignyi genome. This is when he worked on bioperl-run and the now defunct BioPipe project.
-at TIGEM, as well as lecturing at European School of Molecular Medicine in Naples, Italy working on comparative

genomics, had less time for Bioperl

-at CBM in Trieste, Italy, had no time for Bioperl

He now hopes to have settled down (though his friends won't bet on it), having taken up a joint appointment between the UCL Cancer Institute and the Institute of Cell and Molecular Science in London. Here he hopes to become active in BioPerl once again, in particular around NGS tools.... let's see if he keeps his promise :)

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