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Who is this 'TimToady', and what is this 'Perl6' I keep hearing of?

Chris Fields is the Technical Lead in Genome Informatics (yes, that's the official wordy title) for the High Performance Computing in Biology group in the Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Chris has contributed a number of modules, including:

He's also chipping in on other areas in Bioperl, more specifically with Bio::Tools::Run::RemoteBlast, Bio::SearchIO, and bioperl-db.

In February 2007 he became a core developer.

In Progress

  • Biome - BioPerl implemented using Metaclass Extensions (BioPerl using Moose and Moose::*). The GitHub repository.
  • BioPerl6 - Perl 6 implementation of BioPerl classes with Rakudo Perl as the Perl 6 implementation. The GitHub repository.
  • bioperl-dev - Proposed starting place for new modules (may be deprecated in favor of pushing individually maintained, MooseX-like releases)
  • Restructuring BioPerl - splitting BioPerl core up into more maintainable distributions
  • BioPerl-related tools : integrating RNA secondary structure analysis within BioPerl, including several wrappers for RNA-based programs such as UNAFold, Infernal, and RNAMotif. These will likely be released as a separate distribution to CPAN.
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