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The so-called Core package in BioPerl is where the main collection of modules exist. We have collected all the parsers and main objects in this distribution. It lives in the Git module bioperl-live.

Pros and Cons of a large single distribution

This is a large monolithic set of modules that seems overwhelming to many people. Some folks have advocating splitting things up into different pieces, but most of the developers find this a difficult thing to do because we are intentionally re-using things. ... Plus the nightmare of doing a release - when it depends on an up-to-date version of modules from three sub-packages. We have a hard enough time releasing bioperl-run and bioperl-db at the same time as a new bioperl-core.

Google_Summer_of_Code#Major_BioPerl_reorganization intends to break up the monolith.

The latest code

The latest, and not completely tested, code can be viewed here:


You can download it by following the instructions on the Using Git page. The repository name is bioperl-live.

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